Plant gifting: Ideas for Mother’s Day and beyond

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Choosing a gift in a world of endless options is overwhelming. To eliminate the hassles of asking about clothes sizes, jewellery preferences and general awkwardness, we are here to celebrate the simple beauty of plant gifting. From purifying the air to creating a calm space, the natural aesthetic of a plant can transform any area. In order to select the right one, we have picked great alternatives to common flower choices. Follow this guide for insights and inspiration.

Give the gift that keeps on giving

There couldn’t possibly be a better fail-proof way to show you care than by giving a plant. To honour this, ensuring the plant has the best care possible is important (for the plant and to not let the gift giver down). Establishing a green thumb is possible with our easy care tips for air-purifying plants. This guide walks you through watering schedules, optimum lighting and the best plants to purify the air. With this guide tucked into your plant tips toolbelt, turn to our list of plant gifting ideas for unique occasions. 

Plant gifting for each occasion

While flowers traditionally come to mind as the go-to gift, cut flowers perish within a week, or two weeks if you are lucky. With potted plants, however, you are sure to have a living gift for years to come, with the right care. 

If you have an interest in understanding flower meanings, there are general rules about colours and the appropriate choices for each occasion. As for indoor plants, they serve as lasting symbols of growth, and depending on their characteristics, are ideal for a number of events or special days. 

Mother’s Day

For number-one moms, Mother’s Day is usually synonymous with roses, carnations or daisies. To give mom a unique gift, we love the quirky alternative String of Beads. Resembling a set of pearls, this indoor plant spills over the edges of hanging baskets beautifully. It does well in bright, direct light and enjoys drier soil. It is a fun addition to any space for its novelty appearance.

plant gifting

Corporate plant gifting 

Sending the right message in the office or to a client is often a tricky thing. We sidestepped the hassle by focusing on a thoughtful message — celebrate turning over a new leaf. The Calathea Burle Marx is the embodiment of just that, fitting for congratulating an accomplishment or acknowledging a promotion. Purple-maroon in colour, this plant’s alter ego is the Fishbone Prayer, a touching sentiment for any recipient of this plant. Explore our Calathea range for exciting streaks of pinks and greens – they are a great way to introduce a pop of colour to any working space. They enjoy bright, indirect light and barely moist soils. We suggest using a mister to create the right balance of humidity.

For a loved one

What is a better way to send some love to a special friend or loved one than with a plant that wears its heart on its stem? Philodendrons produce incredible heart-shaped leaves that will wow your recipient. Choose from our Philodendron scandens green, the Sweetheart Plant, for its glossy bronze to green leaves, or our Philodendron egoli for a burst of bright green vines. These plants thrive in bright, to direct light, to avoid scorching their precious leaves and only require light watering.

plant gifting

Moving and housewarming

Moving is a bittersweet experience. It’s a time of exciting change but also starting a new chapter, posing as a daunting reality for some. The best way to gift someone who has moved is with an adorable but easy-care succulent. Our range of succulents is sure to appease lovers of the dark and dramatic with Echeveria Black Prince, to those living on the wild side with the feisty Echeveria Lipstick. Succulents require bright light but can withstand low light and only need watering every two weeks — a great perk for someone settling into a new space and lifestyle.

plant gifting

For those needing rest and recovery

For those who have experienced trauma or illness, lilies serve as a lovely sentiment with their white flowers. The Aglaonema White Dud Anjamenee blooms a similar blossom to the Peace Lily. This plant is not only a natural air-purifier but a slow-growing plant that comes with its rewarding foliage spread over time — perfect for someone on the mend. It does best in moist but not waterlogged soil, with its leaf colours dictating its lighting needs. Lighter variations need bright indirect light, whereas the darker varieties do just fine in shaded spots. 

Gift, green and grow

Here’s to enhancing special days with thoughtful plant gifting. For more ideas on once off-gifts or monthly plant subscriptions, explore our collection of exotic to elegant plant choices.

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